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Mohawk Pollinator Garden and WWF CN Tower Climb

This summer, the Mohawk College Pollinator garden was in full bloom. While we are spending most of our time these days cutting back the roofs and putting the plants to bed for the winter, it's been magical to see the gardens flourish, especially at Mohawk.

The Mohawk College Pollinator Garden was a partner project between Mohawk College and Livescape, with a little help from our friends at the World Wildlife Fund.

After successfully landing a WWF grant, Livescape led a team of students in converting the underused rooftop garden space into a flourishing habitat for pollinators. We also completed the WWF CN Tower Climb as part of an effort to raise awareness on the importance of pollinator gardens, especially in educational institutions. Here are some pics and footage from both the roof planting and the climb.

Happy gardening!

The Livescape Crew

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