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evolv1 Cuts the Ribbon

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

The last few months seem to have disappeared in a blur of plants, walls, concepts and mockups. Then as if without warning it was upon us: The evolv1 Grand Opening 

The living wall speaks for itself. Whether by forming a bold backdrop for keynote addresses or by setting the tone for the building itself, the 37' wall quickly became a focus of conversation. What struck me the most about the event was that it was a celebration not just of evolv1, but of all of the people who came together to bring it to life. 

As the founder of a clean technology company, I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of such an impactful project here in Waterloo region. Not only is this project a first for our city, it's also a first in Canada and is poised to change the way we build in the future. I'm proud to have worked with such an incredible group of like-minded individuals. evolv1 stands as an exemplary statement of what Waterloo Region is to become and the grand opening was no exception. It felt like a gathering of friends, some who I've worked with before and some who I was meeting for the first time. It felt like a game of connect the dots. It was a wonderful experience to be working along side so many talented men and women, I can not wait for our next opportunity.  

Tova Davidson spoke as a representative of Sustainable Waterloo Region, sharing her perspectives on the power of collaboration. Mayor Dave Jaworsky talked about how evolv1 represents what a Mayor would dream about when envisioning sustainability for his region. Can you believe both He and Cora Group COO Adrian Conrad were gracious enough to give Livescape a nod as part of their speeches!? 

Having poured so much energy into this project, it was a fulfilling experience to stand back and observe others interacting with the wall for the first time. Touching it, gazing up to its 37' summit, and gasping in awe at the realization that every single plant is a real, living, organism. 

Congratulations to everyone involved. You are the movers and shakers that make our future more sustainable. 

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