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Teaching about Living Walls at SJAM

Livescape was recently invited to teach a class all about living walls and roofs at Sir John A MacDonald Secondary School in Waterloo Ontario. Education and community engagement is a big part of our business philosophy, so we were pretty jazzed to get into a classroom environment. Our grade 9 group was full of questions, and we were more than happy to teach this young generation about cutting edge environmental technology. We've suggested a living walls field trip for June or September, so the students can interact with the walls and learn more about clean technology in the community.

"It was amazing having you guys in our classroom and everyone loved it! It was super cool learning about what you guys did, and seeing all of the green roofs/living walls! Seeing the green roofs and living walls up close would be so much fun! Thank you again for coming" .

- Manal, Grade 9 student at SJAM

Thanks for having us SJAM! Looking forward to planning a field trip soon!

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