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Livescape at The 31st Annual Mayor's Dinner

There's something to be said about a community where 400+ citizens come together each year to celebrate the work of its most tireless volunteers. This year, at the 31st annual Mayor's Dinner, The Working Centre presented detailed insights into the work of the volunteers at St. John's Kitchen. This organization has been providing meals and services to our region's most vulnerable citizens for over three decades, and has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Photography by Douglas MacLellan

Livescape had the great pleasure of attending, invited by Working Centre founders Joe and Stephanie Mancini following our Waterloo Region Crossing trek.

The dinner celebrated the work of Arleen Macpherson, Gretchen Jones, and Jennifer Mains, inviting them to join Neil Aitchison in sharing the story of how St. John's Kitchen has embedded itself in the fabric of downtown Kitchener, providing a place of refuge and hospitality.

For more information on The Working Centre and St. John's Kitchen, please visit

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