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Livescape at Legacy Top Home Chef

This past Saturday, Livescape competed in a community cook-off for a cause. The KW Legacy Top Home Chef event raised over $40,000 for Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention. Good food AND a great organization? That's something we can get behind.

After spending hours slaving in the kitchen (especially Ashley), we brought our lovingly-made meals to St. George's Hall in North Waterloo, where 400 guests eagerly awaited the dining festivities. At 6:15pm, the chefs were paraded into the banquet hall to serve our food not only to the event attendees, but also to four celebrity chefs who would be ruthlessly critiquing our culinary creations.

While neither Ashley or Tessa won over the judges, we had a great time and made some new friends. HUGE thanks to the KW Legacy foundation for their incredible efforts in coordinating the evening, and to all of the home chefs who put their heart and soul into preparing their meals for this amazing cause. We look forward to getting involved in many more KW Legacy events!

For more information on the KW Legacy Foundation, please visit

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