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evolv1 Comes to Life

It's been the project of the summer. 7 installation days and over 4000 plants later, the evolv1 living wall is complete.

The lush 40 foot tall living mural is a striking feature, drawing upward gazes as people enter the foyer of the first building in Canada to receive a zero carbon building design certification.

Cora Group has graciously featured the wall on their blog posting: evolv1 Living Wall Comes to Life Thanks to Local Cleantech Startup, Livescape

From the beginning, evolv1 has been a ground-breaking project. The Cora Group set out to make a statement about sustainable building practices and push the boundaries of what could be done. Today, with that goal in mind the building is ready for occupancy and tenants’ final design work is underway.

A key focal point of the evolv1 lobby is a 3-storey living wall conceptualized, designed and installed by Livescape. A start-up currently participating in the Accelerator Centre’s cleantech program, Livescape collaborated with The Cora Group for nearly a year from project start to finish. Acting as an expression of the story behind evolv1, the 40 ft. living wall features over 4,000 tropical plants and was installed over a week and a half thanks to the hard work of Livescape and key project partners, Melloul Blamey Construction and Stecho Electric.

“The Cora Group’s evolv1 vision was to build a replicable, zero carbon, net positive energy building and we wanted to communicate this in a public atrium,” said Adrian Conrad, COO of The Cora Group. “When selecting a company to install the living wall, we needed someone who would bring the same passion we felt to the project, with the expertise and creativity to go along with it. Ashley and her team at Livescape delivered this and more.”

Ashley DeMarte, CEO of Livescape imagined a wall of high contrast plants, to express the bold intention of the building and The Cora Group’s commitment to sustainability. “We chose plants that create striking color, showcase a modern pattern and embrace movement – this tells the story of evolv1, and the goal to create a movement to change the way others in the construction industry build.”

DeMarte plans to use rainwater collected by the building’s cisterns to maintain the wall. “This wall is a living, breathing part of the building. We built it with the lifespan of evolv1 in mind – knowing that this structure will stand here for years to come.”

Check out the full article here:

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