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Earth Day at TheMUSEUM

Earth Day is awesome. Let's just put that out there.

The human relationship with our planet is one that must be fostered from a young age. This Earth Day, Livescape led a group of little humans in an educational seed planting activity to teach them about bees and pollinating species. It was a great way to instil understanding, care, and love for The Earth and all of its species that rely on the tireless work of pollinators to keep ecosystems thriving. We planted Bee Balm, to help support the bees.

Huge thanks to TheMUSEUM for inviting us to participate in their Earth Day festivities, and to Chapters for donating 100 copies of "Bella and Jack Bring Back the Bees" by Paulette Bourgeois and Josee Bisaillon.

It was super cute. Look at all the cuteness. Look at it:

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