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Easy Pointing 532nm Green Line Laser Alignment

What is the best job to make clear and fine enough line measurement? It is not easy to reach with any manual line drawing or printing device, but making even better job to operate a Berlinlasers 532nm green line laser alignment. It generates the most visible and the brightest green laser light from middle wavelength of 532nm green DPSS laser system. Being made with qualified glass coated lens and separate crystal lens within 10 to 110 degree, and strict laser beam stability test up to 24 hours, this green line laser module is keeping work with highly straight and fine green line within 0.5 meter to 6 meters. After its proper installation and adjustment of laser line fineness, it brings users high level of accuracy line generation for lumber machine, laser cutting machine, sand milling, textile garment processing, high tech and lab experiment work etc.


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