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Talking Leadership at Sheridan College

What better way to spend Valentine's day than with people you love? Or in our case, a room full of strangers! Ashley and Tessa were graciously invited this Valentine's day to be guest speakers for a class at Sheridan College, discussing qualities of leadership. Sema, the course professor, is a fan of our work and had invited us to come into her classroom and share our story with the students. Education is close to our hearts, and it's always a gift to have the opportunity to teach others about what we do.

As a female founded clean technology company, Livescape was able to present a unique perspective by discussing our company's journey as female entrepreneurs trailblazing in a relatively new industry. At the end of the presentation, the students presented us heart doughnuts, cookies, and the nicest valentine we've ever received <3

We cried a little bit when we read these:

"Thank you for sharing your story and making me realize that I should love what I do and I can make it happen" - Michaela
"You have inspired me to follow my dreams and do what I love without fear of failing" - Leanne
"Thank you for reassuring me to endure through challenging situations and go for what I want despite what others say" - Ashlyn
"Thank you for reiterating the importance of endurance" - Tyler
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Sep 13, 2021

Thank you for sharing this

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